Right from the start in 2011, a commitment to quality and genuine customer care has been at the heart of Q4Sash's philosophy. We quickly established a good reputation for the high quality of our windows, creating a unique, contemporary designs.
We've grown massively as a company since then, however, our mission is still the same – to provide exceptional quality and value so that our customers will come back to us time and time again.

Today we’re still raising the standard by continually evolving our product designs and setting high quality standards that are endorsed by all the relevant industry bodies and glazing associations. We are proud of the long list of testimonials that we achieved. They give our customers more trust about the products they are buying from us.

Our woodwork comprises only the highest quality materials from the world’s leading companies. The selections of Pine, Meranti and Oak woods are all completely free of knots, thus ensuring a superior product. United with Double/Triple glued elements, connected in a single-framed construction our products provide heightened performance in varying climatic conditions e.g. UK.